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FX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature Control

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  • Highly popular iron across Asia and the USA  Hakko have now CE certified the FX-601 for sale in Europe.
  • Light weight, portable soldering iron – mains powered
  • Dial temperature control with settings 240 to 540ºC
  • Ideal for Hobbyists such as stained glass working
  • Ceramic heating element for efficient heating
  • Temperature control sensor in heater ensures consistent heat
  • FAST thermal recovery

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Lightweight Soldering iron with a high heat capacity. Optimal for soldering work where a high amount of heat is required. Such as chassis, large connector, transformer, stained glass work etc.

Superior heat conductivity

T19 series soldering tips feature an redesigned appearance and internal structure that deliver improved heat conductivity. Use these soldering tips to achieve great heat recovery without increasing power consumption.

Test criteria

Measurement methodA thermocouple is mounted on the tip and the tip temperature is measured when soldering Φ1.6mm×5mm solder to paper phenol copper board once every 3 seconds.
BoardPaper phenol copper
Tip shapeShape-5D
SolderLead-free solder ( Sn / Ag / Cu ), diameter: 1.6mm

Compact and light weight

FX-601 has excellent heat recovery but is compact, light weight and well-balanced

FX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature Control
HAKKO FX-601 and HAKKO456

Comparing with the conventional heavy duty iron,
FX-601 is easy and simple to handle.

LED informs you when the set temperature has been reached.

FX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature Control

Turn CAL to have more accurate temperature
Adjust the temperature easily with the control knob
Features a temperature controller built into the grip.
Easily adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob.

FX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature ControlFX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature Control

* Accurate temperature control performed even outside the scale.

Detach the control knob and lock the temperature setting
Temperature setting can be locked by removing the central screw and detaching the control knob.
After detaching the control knob, you can change the temperature setting using the dedicated lock key.
* Designed so that the temperature setting can not be easily changed without using the dedicated lock key.
FX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature ControlFX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature ControlFX601 Soldering Iron & Temperature Control
How to remove the control knob
* To avoid any damage to the head of the small screw on the knob,
use a Phillips screwdriver #00 to remove or tighten it.
Adjustment using the lock key

Change parts to convert your FX-601 into an FX-600 that’s optimal for soldering electronic parts!

Reduce costs by converting to either model using interchangeable parts (Tip enclosure/Nut/Soldering Tip).

Note:  It is possible to use the T18 Soldering iron tips with the FX601 using conversion piece B3730

Part No.Packing List
No.FX-601FX-601 Soldering Iron Lock key (B3707) Instruction manual T19-D65  Soldering Iron Tip  (other shapes can be purchased separately)
Model No.FX-601
Power consumptionAC100V:47W AC110V:56W AC120V:67W AC220V:42W AC230V:46W AC240V:50W
Temperature range240 to 540ºC
Temperature stability±1ºC at idle temperature
Tip to ground resistance<2Ω
Tip to ground potential<2mV
Heating elementCeramic heater
Total length237mm (with 2B tip)
Weight68g (with 2B tip)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

Soldering Tip / Nozzle

T19 Series

Note:  It is possible to use the T18 Soldering iron tips with the FX601 using conversion piece B3730
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