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FX-971 Next Generation Compact Soldering Station with IoT Connectivity

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  • Compact high-power ( 100W) thermally-controlled soldering station
  • Standard model that ensures high thermal recovery needed for lead-free soldering
  • Does NOT Include Tips, please refer to the packing list for included parts.
  • Wireless IR Offsetting

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NEW Launch!  –  The New HAKKO FX-971 Soldering Station is the future of soldering, bringing together precision and innovation with the quality, reliability, and power Hakko is known for.

Compact and high power station with space-saving design

With 100 W of power in a compact body, it performs a wide range of soldering works.

  • fx971_compact body

New composite tip (PATENTED)

With improved sensor sensitivity and a design that smoothly transfers the heat from the heater to the tip, the tip temperature has become stable and it ensures better soldering.

Cycle time reduced by approx. 40%

It enables soldering in a shorter time and improves work efficiency.

fx971_Cycle time comparision
fx971_Cycle time comparision

High Visible Display

It shows information such as set temperature, tip’s sensor temperature, and preset setting, clearly and widely. The viewing angle is wide, and the high-brightness display provides high visibility.


Intuitive operation

Various settings can be easily configured using four buttons.


Easy to carry

 fx971_Easy to carry

Adjustable display angle for better visibility and operation

Tilt mechanism for easy viewing and operation of the screen display, depending on the installation location, e.g., on or under the workbench or on the rack.

fx971_Tilt mechanism

Tips for soldering in any scenario

The new range of T39 tips are a well-selected line-up of soldering tips designed to cover all your soldering requirements.
Soldering that was previously impossible or time-consuming can be improved with the tips in new shapes.

Part No. T39-BCR1235Part No. T39-JD16Part No. T39-DR16Part No. T39-DS32

Infrared communication

Automatic calibration and correction can be completed by sending the measured temperature value of the thermometer (FG-100B/FG-101B), via infrared.

Infrared communication
*The thermometer shown is FG-100B


By connecting the station to the PC, the tip set temperature, calibration/correction, and the temperature history of the tip during operation are recorded on the PC, enabling management with zero human error.


The dedicated software is available for download on our website.
Click here to download the FX-971 software.

Auto-sleep / Auto-shutoff

The built-in sensor of the tip inside makes it possible to use auto-sleep and auto-shutoff functions without connecting the station and the iron holder, and it helps to lay out the station and iron holder freely in the working space.

Iron Holder

Safe tip replacement

The newly designed iron holder allows easy and safe tip replacement with a tip removing attachment and tip insertion holder.

Removing a tip

Removing a tip
Removing a tip with the right groove of the attachment

Inserting a tip

Inserting a tip
Inserting a tip by using the tip insertion holder

Self-standing iron holder without holder base

Soldering iron stays safe even without an iron holder base during maintenance.

For maintenance 1
For maintenance 2

For maintenance, remove an iron holder base by pressing the release button on the back.

Packing List

Model No.Packing List
No. FX971Soldering Station (HAKKO FX-971), Soldering Iron (HAKKO FX-9701),  Power Cord, Iron Holder, USB cable, Instruction Manual + CD-ROM (One of each unless specified)
Note:A soldering tip is not included in this product. The tip of desired shape should be purchased separately.


Model No.FX-971
Power consumption100W
Temperature range50 to 450ºC
Temperature stability±3ºC at idle temperature


Output voltageAC 24V
DimensionsWhen tilted : 93 (W) × 126 (H) × 133 (D) mm When not tilted : 93 (W) × 126 (H) × 123 (D) mm

Soldering Iron

Power consumption95W (24V)
Tip to ground resistance<2Ω
Tip to ground potential<2mV
Heating elementComposite heater
Cord length1.2m
Total length206 mm (with T39-D24 tip)
Weight31 g (with T39-D24 tip) * Total length and weight (w/o cord)

T39 Soldering Iron Tips

The FX971 is supplied with the FX-9701 Soldering iron which uses T39 Tips.

T39 tips are used with the FX-9701 Soldering iron used with stations FX971, FX972. The T39 Series includes 67 varieties of tip shape and size covering any soldering or rework application. They are organised into groups by “shape”:


Tip Shape


View Options

T39  "B Shape"

Standard conical tips for everyday use

View Options

T39  "BC Shape"

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.

It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.

View Options

T39  "BCM  Shape"

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, with a hollowed center to prevent/correct bridging.

It is used for drag soldering and correcting bridging.

View Options

T39  "C Shape"

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant.

It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.

View Options

T39  "D Shape"

Chisel shaped tips used for line and face soldering as well as narrow pitch.

View Options

T39 "I Shape"

Fine shaped tips for small workpieces.

View Options

T39  "J Shape"

Angled tip for face and point soldering

View Options

T39 "K Shape"

Knife Shape for line, face and point soldering. It is used for soldering at narrow pitches, correction of bridging and drag soldering.

View Options

T39  "SMD Type Spatula"

SMD type for thermo-compression of P.W.B. and soldering shield cases or connectors

View Options


The Below Tools can also be used with the FX971 and take the Tips in the table below:




View Options


Micro Soldering Iron - T50 Series Tips

View Options

Hakko FX-971 Recommended Extras / Options

Part No.Name
Nitrogen Soldering Iron for more efficient soldering. * *Requires Nitrogen Source such as Hakko Generator FX-780FX9703-81Micro Soldering Iron for the smallest componentsBuy Now
FX9703-811Micro-Soldering Iron Conversion KitBuy Now
599B Dry Tip Cleaner and Holder599B-029Tip CleanerBuy Now
B2756 Tip Tray / HolderB2756Tip Tray / HolderBuy Now
611-1 Soldering Wire Reel Holder (Single)611-1 Soldering Wire HolderBuy Now
FA-400 Desktop Fume ExtractorFA-400Desk Top Fume ExtractorBuy Now
FG100B Digital ThermometerFG100BTip Thermometer - IoT connects with the FX971Buy Now
FT-710 Tip CleanerFT-710 Tip Cleaner - Extend the life of your soldering tipsBuy Now

FX951 Station Spare / Replacement Parts

ImagePart NoDescriptionAvailability
599-029 599 Cleaning WireA1561Cleaning WireBuy Now
images:A5038 Cleaning spongeA5038Cleaning SpongeBuy Now
images:FX9701-811 FX-9701 conversion kitFX9701-811 Soldering IronBuy Now
images:B5314 Tip removing attachmentB5314Tip Removing AttachmentBuy Now
images:B5129 USB cableB5129USB CableBuy Now
images:FH215-81 Iron holderFH215-81Iron StandContact us

Tech Tips

How to useSelect Tip Shape
How to useDifference between BC/C type and BCF/CF type
How to useHAKKO N2 system
How to useOffset value input method (How to adjust the temperature on station-type units)
How to useCombinations of handpieces and soldering tips for the FM/FX series
MaintenanceWhy doesn't solder flow evenly onto a tip though it is brand-new?
MaintenanceIf solder does not flow onto the tip...
MaintenanceTip life
MaintenanceWhy do tips oxidize easily when they are used with lead-free solder?
MaintenanceMaintenance and inspection of station-type soldering irons
Top TipsTop Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes


Hakko FX-971/9727MBDownload
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