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FM-203 Duel Soldering, Desoldering and Rework Station

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  • Compact, Dual Port Station for Soldering, Desoldering and Rework
  • Supplied with a Soldering Iron, Tip Tray and Iron Stand (Tips NOT included)
  • Can be converted to use Heated Tweezers, De-Soldering Gun & more (see below)
  • Powerful thermal recovery performance
  • Programmable Power Saving and Sleep Facilities

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The FM203-10 Duel Soldering, Desoldering and Rework Station is a compact, duel port soldering station that enables soldering, desoldering, and SMD rework all with a single unit. The FM-203 twin ports allow for simultaneous use of a variety of soldering, desoldering and rework tools. The FM-203 comes supplied with a soldering iron (Hakko FM2027) but is also compatible with the below tools:

  • FM2032 Micro-Soldering Iron for small or intricate components,
  • FM2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron for larger components
  • FM2026 and FM2031 Nitrogen Soldering Irons (requires N2 Source) for improved work flow.
  • FM2022 and FM-2023 SMD Hot Tweezer Rework tools
  • FM2024 Desoldering gun (requires compressed air source and desolder control box)
Please see below examples of tool combinations in the two channels D and S. Note: some combinations are not possible due to the power consumption of the hand piece.
Simultaneous useChannel DChannel S

Soldering iron

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Soldering iron
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HAKKO FM2024 (*)
Desoldering toolBuy Now


HAKKO FM-2026 (**)
N2 soldering ironBuy Now


Micro soldering iron
Buy Now
Either one of handpieces operates

Rework tool
(direct heat-type)

Buy Now

Either one of handpieces operates

Rework tool
(direct heat-type)

Buy Now

Either one of handpieces operates

Heavy duty
soldering iron

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Either one of handpieces operates

N2 heavy duty
soldering iron

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HAKKO FM2024 (*)
Desoldering tool

Buy Now


HAKKO FM2026(*2)
N2 soldering iron

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Micro soldering iron

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* For HAKKO FM2024, each handpiece needs a desoldering control box and compressor.
** For HAKKO FM2026, each handpiece needs an N2 generator (HAKKO FX780), flowmeter (HAKKO FX791), compressor, regulator, etc. For further details, refer to the combination examples.
Poweful thermal recovery performance
See how much its thermal recovery is improved by using a composite tip
HAKKO FM-203&HAKKO 937 Thermal Recovery Graph


Power save function
Sleep function:While the handpiece is being placed on the iron holder (HAKKO FH-200), the sleep function is activated and decreases the temperature of tip on the holder up to approximately 200°C , preventing the tip from being oxidized. In addition, this function can relieve the load applied to the tip due to the high-temperature settings required for lead-free soldering.
Auto power shut-off function:By connecting the iron holder (HAKKO FH-200) and station with the connecting cable, the auto power shut-off function is activated in the same manner as the sleep function.

Auto power shut-off function

Combined use with an optional handpiece (HAKKO FM2026, etc.) enables use of the N2system
Buzzer ON/OFF setting is available
Buzzer ON/OFF setting control the buzzer sound for errors when the target temperature is achieved.

Packing List

Model No.Packing List
FM-203Station + One Soldering Iron HAKKO FM-203 Packing List 1. HAKKO FM-203 Station 2. Soldering iron(HAKKO FM-2027) 3. Control card 4. Heat resistant pad 5. Iron holder(No. FH200-01: with HAKKO 599B tip cleaner) 6. Tip tray *7. Power cord *8. Connecting cable *9. Instruction manual: 1 for each * No photos are shown for parts *7 through *9.
* A soldering tip is not included in this product. The tips of desired shape should be purchased separately.


Model No.FM-203
Power consumption140W
Temperature rangeFM-2026/2027:200 to 450ºC FM-2022/2023:200 to 400ºC FM-2024:350 to 450ºC FM-2032:200 to 450ºC
Temperature stability±5ºC at idle temperature


Output voltageAC 24V

Soldering Iron

Power consumption70W (24V)
Tip to ground resistance<2Ω
Tip to ground potential<2mV
Heating elementComposite heater
Cord length1.2m
Total length188mm (with 2.4D tip)
Weight30g (with 2.4D tip)
* Total length and weight (w/o cord)

T15 Soldering Iron Tips

The FM203 is supplied with the FM2027 Soldering iron which uses T15 Tips.

T15 tips are used with the FM2027 and FM2028 Soldering irons used with stations FX951, FX952, FM203, FM204 and FM206. The T15 Series includes almost 100 varieties of tip shape and size covering any soldering or rework application. They are organised into groups by “shape”:


Tip Shape


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T15  "B Shape"

Standard conical tips for everyday use

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T15  "BC / C  Shape"

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.

It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.

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T15  "D Shape"

Chisel shaped tips used for line and face soldering as well as narrow pitch.

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T15  "I Shape"

Fine shaped tips for small workpieces.

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T15  "J Shape"

Angled tip for face and point soldering

View Options

T15  "K Shape"

Knife Shape for line, face and point soldering. It is used for soldering at narrow pitches, correction of bridging and drag soldering.

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T15  "R Shape"

Specialist “Slot” or Concave shape for through hole soldering. It is effective to avoid insufficient PTH fill.

View Options

T15  "SB Shape"

Specialist conical shapes

View Options

T15  "SMD Type Quad"

SMD type for removing QFPs

View Options

T15  "SMD Type Spatula"

SMD type for thermo-compression of P.W.B. and soldering shield cases or connectors

View Options

T15 "SMD Tunnel"

SMD type for removing SOPs

View Options

T15 "Special Applications"

Long chisel shape

View Options


The below Tools can also be used with the FM203 and take the Tips in the table below:




View Options


T16 Heated Tweezer Tips

View Options


T9 Heated Tweezer Tips

View Options


T17 Soldering Iron Tips + Nitrogen Nozzle

View Options


T22 Soldering Iron Tips

View Options


T22 Soldering Iron Tips + Nitrogen Nozzle

View Options


T30 Soldering Iron Tips

View Options


N3 DeSoldering Nozzles

View Options

Optional Extras

1FM2024-35 Desoldering Tool (Conversion Kit with DCB)FM2024-35Desoldering Conversion Kit* *Requires compressed airBuy Now
2SMD Hot Tweezers Conversion KitFM2022-05SMD Hot Tweezers Conversion KitBuy Now
3FM2023-06 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Tool (Conversion Kit)FM2023-06Micro SMD Hot Tweezers Conversion KitBuy Now
4FM2032-52 Conversion kit | HAKKO UKFM2032-52Micro Soldering Iron Conversion KitBuy Now
5HAKKO UK FM2030-02FM2030-02Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Conversion KitBuy Now
6611-1 Soldering Wire Reel Holder (Single)611-01Solder Wire HolderBuy Now
7FR830-13 PCB Underboard HeaterFR-830Underboard HeaterBuy Now
8C1390C Omnivise PCB HolderC1390COmniverse PCB HolderBuy Now
9FG100B Digital ThermometerFG100BTip ThermometerBuy Now
10FT-700 Soldering Tip Cleaner and PolisherFT-700Tip PolisherBuy Now
11FA-400 Desktop Fume ExtractorFA-400Fume ExtractorBuy Now

Replacement Parts FM-203

FM-203 Unit:

FM-203 Unit:
1B2852 Power SwitchB2852Power SwitchBuy Now
2B2384 Power InletB2384Power ReceptacleBuy Now
3B2425 Hakko British Standard PlugB2425British Power LeadBuy Now
4B2858 Transformer 230VB2858Transformer 230VBuy Now
5B2972 Control CardB2972Programming Key CardBuy Now
6B2864 Fuse 220-240V 1.6AB2864Fuse 220-240V 1.6ABuy Now
7B3397 CoverB3397CoverBuy Now
8B3398 ChassisB3398ChassisBuy Now
9B3399 Front Panel AB3399Front Panel ABuy Now
10B3400 Front Panel BB3400Front Panel BBuy Now
11B3401 DisplayB3401DisplayBuy Now
12B3402 Button SetB3402Button SetBuy Now
13B3403 P.W.B Front PanelB3403P.W.B Front PanelBuy Now
14B3404 Heat SinkB3404Heat SinkBuy Now
15B3405 Large ClipB3405Large ClipBuy Now
16B3406 Small ClipB3406Small ClipBuy Now
17B3253 Connecting CableB3253Connecting CableBuy Now

FM2027 Soldering Iron Replacements

FM2027 Soldering Iron Replacements
Part No.Description
1.FM2027-01 Soldering Iron Handpiece Mini Conversion KitFM2027-01FM2027 Hand piece with Parts 2, 3, 5 and 6 includedBuy Now
2.HAKKO UK | Only Authorised UK Distributor HKWFM2027-02FM2027 Connector Assembly OnlyBuy Now
3.B3216 Yellow SleeveB3216Yellow Anti-Bacterial SleeveBuy Now
3.B3219 Green Anti-Bacterial Sleeve Assembly for FM2027 /FM2028B3219Green Anti-Bacterial Sleeve AssemblyBuy Now
4.T15 Series Tips Please see the Tips Tab for T15 SeriesT15 Series TipsPlease see the Tips Tab for T15 Series
5.B2300 Heat Resistant PadB2300Heat Resistant PadBuy Now
6.B3253 Connecting CableB3253Connecting Wire for FH-200Buy Now

Iron Holder:

Iron Holder
Part No.Description
Iron Holder (Inc. Cleaning Wire)FH200-01Iron Holder with Cleaning Wire PotBuy Now
Iron Holder (inc Cleaning Sponge)FH200-02Iron Holder With Cleaning SpongeBuy Now
1.B3001 Iron receptacle for FH200-01 / FH200-02B3001Iron receptacleBuy Now
2.B2791 Retaining clipB2791Retaining ClipBuy Now
3.B3248 Receptacle Holder for FH200-01 / FH200-02B3248Receptacle HolderBuy Now
4.B3251 Iron Holder Base - FH200 / FH201B3251BaseBuy Now
5.B3249 Iron Holder Cleaner Base - FH200 / FH201B3249Cleaner BaseBuy Now

Tech Tips

How to useSelect Tip Shape
How to useDifference between BC/C type and BCF/CF type
How to useHAKKO N2 system
How to useOffset value input method (How to adjust the temperature on station-type units)
How to useCombinations of handpieces and soldering tips for the FM/FX series
MaintenanceWhy doesn't solder flow evenly onto a tip though it is brand-new
MaintenanceIf solder does not flow onto the tip...
MaintenanceTip life
MaintenanceWhy do tips oxidize easily when they are used with lead-free solder
MaintenanceMaintenance and inspection of station-type soldering irons
Top TipsTop Tips for Successful Soldering and De-Soldering Processes
Weight4.536 kg

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